PFP-110 Applications

The Company's PFP-110 solvent can enhance oil flow and recovery across the entire crude oil industry including exploration and production; processing, storage and transport; and refinery applications. In addition, PFP-110 can be used as a viscosity reduction agent in heavy oil markets.

Oil storage tanks and barges

When the balance holding paraffin and asphaltene in suspension in crude oil is disrupted then the heavy organics fall out of the oil phase solution. Over time this results in the build-up of heavy organics in the bottom of storage tanks and oil barges, which requires operators to clean the sludge build-up. Cleaning and deposing of the waste oil sludge from tanks and barges is expensive.

PFP-110 provides a cost effective solution for tank and barge operators to reclaim the heavy organics in the tank or barge bottoms providing operators with an increase in on-specification oil and decrease cleaning and waste sludge transport expenses. PFP-110 is safe for tank liners and coatings.

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Well treatment

Paraffin, a waxy buildup of heavy organic material, can create costly and complicated problems in crude oil production. Related pressure and temperature changes commonly cause paraffin to buildup inside the tubing and on the string, restricting or cutting off the flow of oil. PFP-110 is highly effective at dissolving paraffin and suspending the dissolved heavy organics in the crude oil and protects against subsequent build-up.

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