PFP-110 / The Best Solution

PFP-110 combined with PetroFloPlus' treatment technology has proven to enhance oil flow and recovery. Extensive in-field treatment applications have demonstrated PFP-110 ability to more effectively enhance oil flow in transport lines and oil recovery in storage tanks, oil barges and producing wells.

PFP-110 has demonstrated consistent performance in addressing heavy organic build-up, is 100% compatible and safe for use on oil well production systems, including pumps, casing, tubing, flow lines, oil storage tanks and liners, barges and related refining equipment and operations.

Based upon the "likes dissolves likes" rule of disrupting cohesive bonds that hold together heavy organics, an oilfield chemical that "matches up" with the broadest range of molecular compounds present in the heavy organics will be more effective at dissolving it.

When compared to all other competitive oilfield solvent products, PFP-110 has a much greater level of "similarly structured" chemical compounds in its proprietary formulation enabling PFP-110 to have superior performance for oilfield application with problems from heavy organics.

PFP-110 Video

PFP-110 is 100% organic hydrocarbon composition formulated to penetrate and dissolve heavy organic composition of paraffin and asphaltenes, as well as reduce viscosity of heavy oil. Paraffin, asphaltenes and heavy oil are complex mixtures of a wide variety of hydrocarbons.