The Company

PetroFloPlus has developed an oilfield solvent with a proprietary formulation of aromatic petrochemicals proven to enhance oil flow and recovery. Marketed under the name PFP-110, it is the most cost effective solution to dissolve heavy organics in the oilfield chemical market.

PFP-110 treatment of heavy organic build-up in oil storage tanks and barges is proven to reclaim the highest percentage of on-specification oil and greatly reduce maintenance expense and capital expenditures for operators.

The build-up of paraffins and asphaltenes in a well production system, including pumps, casing, tubing and flow lines can restrict and even block oil flow. In addition to reduced rates of oil production, this build-up can lead to costly maintenance, equipment failure and related downtime.

PFP-110 proven to reclaim tank bottom sludge, increase production, decrease operating expense and reduce capital expenditures.